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First of all, thank you!  Please, go follow @sororityrecords on Instagram. Speedy Dinner is an album by Sorority Records artist Jeanine.  It will be available on SpeedyDinner.com and everywhere music is sold/streamed. There is always music available via the song button.  Keep scrolling for the cheat codes on how to become a skinny legend.  World Domination requires cardio and healthy eating habits.  Ask for the Speedy Dinner discount.

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Click on the Speedy Dinner photo or the song button below to see which new or old song is being served up today. Big hint: (Break to Get Back)

Music Visionary


We specialize in music.  Go to Spotify and look up Jeanine, Julius & Ann's Daughter, Anything I Want, Break to Get Back or Jingling Bells.  Click  the photo above to visit Soundcloud.com/SororityRecords. We believe in being creative.

Digital Record Label


Sorority Records specializes in music. We also take pride in making you go to websites because our IG page is that dope and interesting. The future of music is digital. Click the photo to watch our riveting online animated series Retroactive: How to make an album.


Dr. Goldie


Ask for the Speedy Dinner Discount!

Chef Monica


Ask for the Speedy Dinner Discount!

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